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July 9, 2018

Internet Essay Writing: Pros and Cons of the Web

It is impossible to imagine the twenty-first century without the Internet. People use the worldwide web as a tool for work, studies and entertainment. The Internet is interwoven with all the spheres of life. Several years ago, it was impossible to think that people could earn money without even leaving the comfort of their home. Still, any invention is controversial. What advantages and disadvantages of the Internet can be defined?

Essay on Internet

Internet Pros

1. Quick Information Exchange

Our parents and grandparents used to write long letters that took several months to be. Today, sending an email letter takes a few seconds. The same thing can be said about real-time communication, videocalls, messengers, etc.

2. Access to Information

20 years ago, a student had to spend hours in libraries and look through tens of books in order to receive certain information. Today, Google, Bing or Yahoo can do all the job for you in seconds. You can find media-materials on any topic in electronic online encyclopedias. Videos, audios, presentations, books, anything. Any material is represented, and students or other people can learn it in details.

3. Wide Possibilities

The Worldwide Web allows us to do many things without crossing our home’s threshold. You can earn money, take bank loans and even pay bills at home. That is a pure time economy. You don’t need to go to the stores, as you can buy everything online. You don’t need to meet a friend in order to get a document or any learning material, as it is possible to send it via email services. Things can be done much faster thanks to the Internet.

Bad Web

Internet Cons

But, as it was mentioned above, any technology innovation has its disadvantages. Let’s see what pitfalls are here for the Internet.

1. People Communicate with Each Other Less

If there was no Internet, a student would visit a library to complete a coursework. While visiting a library, they could meet other students being busy with their academic tasks and not only study, but also communicate with people. Nowadays people get acquainted with each other by the means of the social media. But in the past, they went outside and showed photos to each other in the real world, not the virtual one. Life could be different without social media. Maybe, it could be more interesting.

2. Levels of Education Decrease

Students had to rewrite book articles in order to complete essays, course papers or dissertations, then today it is enough to press CTRL+P and papers are printed. And it can often be someone else’s paper. Of course, many young students don’t study as intended.

3. Disinformation

Who checks the credibility of information published in the Web? Nobody. So, it is highly possible for the information you receive to be wrong with all the consequences caused by this fact.

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