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June 11, 2018

Motivate Yourself for Studying

To tell the truth, I suffer from laziness quite often. But laziness is what you need to know how to stand against. There are some great ways for you to make yourself study. They fulfill their functions well for me, and I always do things on time.

Unmotivated Student

By the way, I’ve noticed one thing: the more often I use these studying motivators, the less possible it becomes for laziness to dominate my mind. Additionally, such tasks are better than those completed under heavy pressure.

Do not ask “how to motivate yourself for studying”, just use one of the ways described below and reach your goals.

1. Back to The Future

Just imagine what is going to happen when you reach the goal or complete your task. No matter what the task is: essay writing, coursework completion, scientific article publication, or anything else. Try not only to imagine, but to live through your fantasy. Listen to the sounds, watch after the environment, feel emotions. And then suddenly open your eyes and start working. As a rule, performance gains a serious boost.

As for me, I use this one when I need to go in for sports at the university gym. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to make myself pump the iron, especially after a tough studying day. Then, I just forget about my current environment and move my mind into the future times. There, I am perfectly fit already. I imagine every muscle of my body and those girls looking at me, and so on. There is nothing strange in that, but the state is impossible to be described in words.

This technique fit any kind of activity. No matter whether it is a physical or a scientific one. The method is guaranteed to work. The brighter picture you imagine, the stronger your will to study or to do something becomes. And then you just don’t care about the popular “motivation” word.

2. Success Stories

Such writings (they can’t be called in another way) are just created to motivate people. Do you remember about cases when disabled people could become world champions? Uneducated youngsters earning millions? These all are stories of success.

Stories which are connected with your main activity are especially effective. For instance, when I was a freelancer, stories of different copywriters, who had accomplished a lot, motivated me seriously. There appeared that energy to work and get equally big results. It often happened even when I hadn’t even read the story till the very end. I just closed the browser tab and started working. I thought I would finish later. Ha-ha.

Sometimes, you can just feel shame because of the fact that people who are physically or mentally weaker than you are still able to do much more things. This ignites the desire to work and study seriously as well.

It is not that difficult to find such writings. Just ask “Google” and you are going to find hundreds of them for sure. And each of them is your key to the more productive studying.

3. Motivating Videos

A video is an excellent instrument for those who want to know how to gain more motivation. You don’t need to make any mental efforts to create a picture or to kill time while reading a long success story. It is enough to watch a short movie making a flame appear in your soul and your fingers tap the keyboard tirelessly.

Yes, except from short videos, there can even be found complete movies that revive your passion towards studying or working again. One of the best films of that king, as for me, is “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Watch it next time when you are feeling low.   

Short motivational videos can be found on YouTube. There are thousands of them.

4. Just Get Up

It was a random case for me to discover this method. I’ve read about it on a forum or in social media, I can’t say exactly where. To be honest, I just threw it out of my head at once. But two weeks ago I tried to make myself complete an essay, and then a thought shot my head: “Exactly! I just need to get up!”.

Standing Student

The point is very simple: if you can’t make yourself finish any kind of job, just get up on your feet. Stand still and do nothing. Don’t watch TV, don’t listen to music, don’t read books, don’t think, don’t make phone calls. Just do nothing during 10 minutes.

After that “standing”, your organism is going to demand some movement. You can’t even imagine how boring that standing and staring on the wall is. After that, you want to study or work like a completely mad person. Well, no. You want to sit a bit first, and then work. But the result is the same: your performance is at the top level.

5. Be Envious

Do you remember the case when you’ve heard about someone you know becoming successful? You had that desire to prove that you were not worse, didn’t you? This means is somehow similar to that of success stories, but they have different bases.

It worked for me well when I was a student. There were “excellent” and “not that good” students in my group, and I belonged to the worse ones. I was sincerely envious about someone getting a higher mark, and that made me study more seriously.

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