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April 30, 2018

Pros and Cons of Computer Games: Essay Writing

Computer games have become a part of everyday life. They occupy a leading position among numerous ways to organize leisure time for young people. Virtual reality attracts us with its unlimited possibilities, and a video gaming industry offers new and new games from year to year, and it is just impossible to resist. Still, everyone around cries about the harm computer games might bring along with their contents. Parents whose children spend their free time staring at the monitor are especially worried about gaming addiction problem.

Essay on Games

What are the dangers coming from computer games, and is it possible for them to be useful?  

Cons About Computer Games

According to the opinion of video game haters, the main threat coming from computer games is the gaming addiction. That is a real mental disorder that requires a person to receive professional medical help and support from relatives and friends.

A person falling under the influence of computer gaming addiction literally lives in a virtual reality and “comes out” offline rarely. The most critical stage of gaming addiction is when the gamer feels no appetite (he or she does not want to leave games even in order to eat something) and sleep (gamers don’t rest enough and go on conquering worlds and killing enemies even while dreaming).

The scariest thing about this addiction is the fact that it often remains unnoticed by gamer’s relatives and loved ones. That is why it is that hard to fight gaming addiction: at the moment when it becomes visible, it is very hard to help a person get out of it painlessly.

Many gamers go farther: they are ready to spend money to use paid services in online games. Becoming the strongest and the coolest hero in some minutes without the need to develop a character: who doesn’t dream about that? And online game developers “offer” this possibility to gamers. Of course, this is not for free.

And it is not limited. As a result, family starts losing money, a gamer gets trapped with debts as the time goes and a real life looks like hell, but the games is the king, the god and the superhero online. That is the price of the gaming addiction.   

When thinking about a possible harm of computer games to children and adults, it should be mentioned that different shooters, flying simulators, and racing games are called especially dangerous by computer games’ rivals.

What is the danger of shooter games, according to their opinion? They say that shooters are the most dangerous, as the addiction caused by these games is followed by aggression and raging. Video game rivals say it is nothing to wonder: when you shoot people in a virtual world for hours, it is difficult to become a kind person.   

Flying and racing simulators are called dangerous because they need the player to concentrate attention, they make gamers “dive” into them and it is difficult to get out. Of course, putting the game to a pause is said to be impossible for the gamer involved in the process of a race or flight.  

And of course, online games are dangerous because of the expenditures mentioned above.

Additionally, video game rivals say that gaming addiction causes harm for both mental and physical health of the gamers.

Pros About Computer Games

Do you believe that there are those who say that video games are useful after all? Fortunately, things are not as bad as video gaming rivals might say. People from the opposite camp have their own arguments.

Firstly, they say, you should pay attention to the fact that games can be helpful in developing intelligence, logic, attention, memory, reaction and other qualities possible to be used in real life. There are many games requiring players to use their thinking in order to finish a quest or to move through the episode.

There are many games that can teach school pupils and students different facts from this or that field, make them learn their ways to behave in various situations, be attentive and concentrated.

It is possible to learn foreign languages through computer games, to develop certain personal qualities and abilities. For instance, video game supporters have a counterargument for gaming addiction: online games can help gamers to socialize. Multiplayer projects need them to cooperate with each other, to discover and develop leadership qualities and decision-making abilities.

Student Playing PC

Plus, computer games have a great value for adults, if they “consume” this kind of entertainment thoroughly. A game is a perfect way to relax after a tough working day, get distracted form routine tasks and think creatively. Of course, time devoted to gaming matters here. Nothing bad would happen if a person spends 1-3 hours a day in virtual world of games.

Additionally, modern single-player games have nothing in common with those released 20 years ago. A good game can easily be compared with a cool movie, helping people relax and rest.  

Pros and Cons of Computer Games: Conclusion

So, what is the result? In fact, everything depends on one’s personal ability to manage their time and on the kind of this or that game. Virtual reality should not take away all your time and provoke you for raging and cruelty. To my mind, this is one of the ways to rest and spend leisure time, just like walking, going in for sports, reading books, meeting friends and watching movies. Life has many sides, and video games are just a part of it.

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