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October 29, 2015

ACC Receives Grant for Gun Range

Alvin Community College received a $313,621 grant through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Target Range Grant Program to update the college firing range to handle rifle ammunition

The program is managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife and will pay for upgrades to the range including new backstop/traps, acoustical improvements and state-of-the-art target positioning systems with ten individual computerized control stations.

The upgrades will begin sometime in the fall and once finished will allow the range to handle up to .308 caliber rifle ammunition.

“It will develop better partnerships with area law enforcement officers,” said Jim Simpson, Executive Director and Dean of Workforce Education. “There’s no indoor shooting range for rifles in our area. And we can now provide them with that necessary training.”

The improvements will allow rifle shooters to test for a number of certifications for professional and sporting classifications. ACC will also conduct classes on rifle safety and expertise as it currently does for handgun owners.

The ACC firing range is used by cadets in the Law Enforcement Academy. Local law enforcement officers from various agencies also utilize the range for required state training.

For more information about the range, visit www.alvincollege.edu or call 281-756-3500.

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